Choosing the correct RKA IN-Charge Tankbag Page

Five of the seven tankbag designs have a three-point bottom, the other two are four-point

The 5 Liter SuperSport Mini, 10.5 Liter SuperSport & 17 Liter Sonoman three points are primarily designed for standard and touring motorcycles with a fairly flat or slightly curved tank.

Examples are Suzuki GSXR, Yamaha FZ1, BMW R1200RT, Yamaha FJR1300, Kawasaki C14, RKA’s own R1200ST, etc

The 8 Liter and 15.5 Liter Shiloh Road three point tankbags are designed for tanks that slope at a steeper angle.
Examples include, BMW R1150GS, 1200GS, 1200GSA. Suzuki VStrom, Ducati Mulistrada, Triumph Tiger, etc.

The 8 Liter and 15.5 Liter Pine Flat four point is designed motorcycles that have a seat that ends higher up on the tank. Examples include KTM, KLR, BMW F800GS, etc.

There are exceptions of course so you have to be the judge or ask us what’s right for you moto..

These are only SOME examples of exceptions:

BMW K1200GT / 1300GT
Best fit is 5, 10.5, 15.5 liter bags. ..... any bag except the Pine Flat could work.

BMW 1100/1150/1200GS series

Best fit is the 8 or 15.5 liter Shiloh Road but the the Pine Flat could work on this motorcycle

Suzuki VStrom

Best fit is the 8 or 15.5 liter Shiloh Road but the 8, 10.5, 15.5 Liter bags will also fit.

Bottom line here we can suggest but it’s YOUR ride and what you think is the best fit is your decision

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