6 liter IN-Charge Series Communications tankbag
This series of photos shows the 6 liter tankbag setup with.
J&M Integratr IV
Zumo 660
Midland 75-822 CB Radio.
This is a really cool wired system using J&M parts. We also use "Starcom" for wired systems.
Before deciding on the this configuration please feel free to call and ask us questions.
There are some differences and issues that you may want to address before you purchase these items.
6 liter
Series Communications Tankbag
This bag is the same width as our 8 liter only 3 inches shorter in length
The Zumo 660 and 75-822 CB attach to our in house custom made cradles
Cradles can be seen here and cables entering the portal.
ptt (Push to Talk) button is place around the left hand grip or other convenient place.
The Integratr IV is placed in a specially made control box.
here you can see the many cables that make it all work
The devicces can be moved left, right , for and aft to get a better view of the dash